First question which comes into all mom to be's when they are planning for maternity Shoot is "What to wear For my Pregnancy Shoot?" If you also Stuck with this question in mind? This Artical will help you to simplify that problem for you.

Firstly Let us Remind you "Why should you do maternity photoshoot?"

In every women’s life pregnancy is the most special and important phase. It's filled with joy, happiness, love, swollen toes, and also nervousness. There is no better feeling than having a life inside you. So, try to make as many memories and pregnancy photos as possible to cherish them after the birth of your child.

A maternity photoshoot with family gives a great opportunity to have fun and dress up with your family. We all know Pregnancy changes your life completely. It is an amazing journey that makes your life beautiful and complete. So, why not have a great maternity shoot to capture the most beautiful moments of your life. As a Photographer i have seen maternity photoshoot usually uplifts there mood and helps them to release stress as-well.

Mostly Women take time to choose the perfect dress for any occasion :P, it might be your wedding or even a birthday dress. But when it comes to a maternity dress, one should look into more details compared to any other dress.

You need to consider what you wear during the shoot, it might be the pattern, the color, the texture, or even the fit. Always try to wear something in which you are comfortable so that you can enjoy while shooting. You don’t have to get stressed on what to wear, wear anything that you think you can pull it off. explore the options and choose the right one. Before Finalising the Maternity Look Here are a few things you need to consider when choosing your maternity photoshoot clothes from my past experience, I Will explain you every point in detail below

  1. What type of dress to wear?
  2. Which color do you choose?
  3. Things to avoid.
  4. How to enhance the bump?
  5. What pattern or texture to choose?
  6. Makeup look.
  7. Different outfit options.
  8. What accessories to wear?
  9. Dressing according to the shoot.
  10. Dressing according to the weather.
  11. Keep your partner's dress in mind.
  12. Wearing something you won’t regret in years.
  13. Having fun with the dress.
  14. Bare bump pictures are beautiful.
  15. Laying all the outfit pieces beforehand.

What type of dress to wear?

There are different kinds of maternity photoshoot dresses, you can try wearing something like a long maxi dress or a fitted dress. We know it is hard to get into a dress during that time, so choose something which is easy to wear. 

All women don’t have the same body curves during pregnancy. If you're more conscious about your body wear a maternity photoshoot maxi dress. And if you want to enhance and rock those curves wear a fitted one. Nothing matters more than your comfort during the shoot.

Which color do you choose? 

Choosing the right correct color is one of the most important things you should keep in mind while planning your maternity shoot dress. Because the color of your dress can change many things. Choose your color according to your background or the maternity photoshoot themes. Discuss with your Maternity Photographer and plan out things in Advance and then finalise the colours. Generally Every color is beautiful, but choose a color that enhances your beauty and the beautiful belly to get great bump photos.

Whites and Pastels are a great option. They’re light colors, they don’t allow any distraction, and the bump shows well. It is best if we can avoid strong colors.

My personal choice is always Pastel Colours like Light Pink, Light Blue, Light Green, Aqua, Lavender, Cream, Ivory, White, Light Grey for Moody and Film tone Maternity Pictures.

But if you Like High Contrast Photos then colours like red, green, yellow, purple, blue and orange for Crisp Bright Maternity Photos are good choice

Things to avoid

There are few things that are better when avoided during a maternity shoot. These mistakes can break a good maternity shoot like,

  • Avoid Wearing too many accessories.
  • Avoid Wearing clumsy prints.
  • Avoid Wearing uncomfortable dresses
  • Avoid Wearing heavy makeup
  • Avoid Wearing ill-fitted dress
  • Avoid Wearing crazy color combination

These little things matter. So, avoid those things which can ruin your beautiful pictures during the shoot.

How to enhance the bump?

There are few things which you can use to enhance your beautiful bump like using a belt. Using a belt can change the look of your dress, it adds a cinch to your waist and reveals your bump. Wrap-around dresses are also worn to cinch your waist and these are also very easy to wear.

You can also try maternity shoot in saree if you like to dress up in Indian clothes.

You can also try your maternity photoshoot with shoes that can draw attention towards your bump to get great pictures. Feeling confident in your own skin is the most important feature to enhance your bump.

What pattern or texture to choose?

Texture adds a great dimension to a picture and can make your maternity photoshoot unique. The texture is a good alternative for the clumsy prints. It could be any texture like a lace maxi dress or an embroidered dress or even a knitted oversized sweater. The texture is also great for achieving black and white photos.

Do remember Your maternity photoshoot fabric can matter a lot when it comes to quality of the photo.

Makeup look

We all know that your maternity photoshoot makeup can make or break your look. Going for natural makeup is the best option for any look. You can change outfits and still look great with a natural makeup look. There’s no need to use heavy makeup by going with a dark Smokey eye look. Wearing natural makeup enhances your own beauty.

For your maternity photoshoot hair, soft curls are the best and for your nails, you can go with a neutral color because they look clean in the picture. 

Different outfit options.

For your maternity photoshoot outfits, having more than one outfit is great because one being the dressy one, the other can be a more casual outfit. we get more maternity photoshoot pics and have more options when you have more outfits. Wearing a casual outfit is great as we not only feel comfortable but also look ourselves.

For your maternity photoshoot long dress can be the dressy one, which is flowy and for casual you can wear anything you’re comfortable in.

 From denim and a shirt to oversized sweatshirts or t-shirts. Always choose something which flatters your body type.

What maternity photoshoot accessories to wear?

Always try choosing minimal accessories over heavy jewellery. because your bump should be the statement piece, not your jewellery. Try not to wear many accessories. wear a single statement piece, like a nice waist belt or anything that accentuates your bump.

For your maternity photoshoot flower crown is also a great way to accessorise. If possible, try wearing simple and minimalistic jewellery according to your dress. Dainty jewellery not only looks simple but also looks great on a dress when layered.

Dressing according to the shoot location

When coming to the type of shoots, they’re indoor and outdoor. Choosing between them is your personal preference and dress according to the shoot. Maternity shoot indoor is for more intimate and cozy type photoshoots. It is more comfortable to take pictures at home.

But, if you are a person who likes nature and outdoors, there are many places to choose from. Outdoor shoots have great backgrounds. So, make sure you select the right one according to the weather. A maternity shoot on beach and Gardens are great option and if you are an adventurous person you can also try a maternity shoot underwater. 

Dress according to the weather

Weather also plays an important role while choosing your outfit. You don’t want to wear a mini dress at a lower temperature because who likes freezing in cold weather. The first and important thing is to choose an outfit according to your comfort, weather.

Check the temperature beforehand and choose your dress. For winter you can wear body-hugging and cozy clothes. For comfortable maternity photoshoot jeans is also a great option. For hot temperatures, you can wear a breezy dress and still look pretty.

Keep your partner’s dress in mind. 

For a maternity photoshoot with husband, knowing your partner’s outfit is an important thing to keep in mind. you don’t have to match your partner every time you do a shoot. Make your partner wear something which compliments your outfit, like wearing a similar palette shirt. Choose the tones which go well together.

There are a few cute maternity poses for the couple shoots. you’re sorted if you can wear anything that compliments each other.

Wearing something which you won’t regret in years.

Trends change every year, don’t stick to a particular trend because they won’t last long. Don’t waste your money on something that you’re going to regret in years and you don’t want to think “what am I even wearing? “when you look back at those pictures after years. Wearing a Neutral colored dress is the best option for those everlasting pictures.

Not only your outfit but also the maternity photoshoot materials should be in mind.

Having fun with the dress.

The most important and often ignored is having fun with your dress. At a photoshoot, it is important to play with your dress and enjoy the process of shooting. These are your memories and you also have to cherish these moments and enjoy the process. 

It not only makes it easy for the maternity photographer but also fastens the process of getting good pictures. These aren’t pictures they’re memories made from a beautiful phase of life.

Bare bump pictures are beautiful.

If you’re someone who likes to experiment with good bare bump pictures. It is a great opportunity because moments like these don’t come that often. If you feel comfortable, there are plenty of creative maternity photoshoot poses for your bare bump pictures.

In this type of maternity photoshoot bathtub can be a great place to pose. you don't have to get naked. You can wear a crop top as well. You have to be confident about your body and pose.

Laying all the outfit pieces beforehand.

This gives you a vision about the dress and so that you can plan the accessories according to your vision. This brings about a clear idea of things to add or deduct from your outfit. It also reduces the last-minute struggle of putting things together. you can also use a Pinterest board to pin down things together. 

By doing these things you will have good maternity photoshoot ideas beforehand.

Where to buy maternity photoshoot dress is in your hands, so do good research before getting it. Your maternity photoshoot photos will turn out well if you have everything planned and sorted.


To conclude our blog here are the Key Take awaysfor choosing your maternity photoshoot wear.

Wear dresses which are comfortable and which make you happy.

Keep the colours in mind when choosing the colour, if you like the Moody Tone Photos select Pastel Colours. And If you like Bright pictures then select Contrast Colours.

Avoid clumsy prints. Keep patterns and Textures in Mind.

If you like Indian Traditions Do Consider Maternity Shoot In Saree , Its current Trend.

Maternity Makeup can Enhance your Pictures 200% but Picking up the right makeup artist is important.

Match to You Partners and Other Kids Clothing to be in Sync.

If you are Comfortable Have some Bare Belly Images.

HopeFully This Long listicle Blog be handy For you.

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