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Photographs of the newborn are good to capture between 10 to 14 days after birth. While it can be hard to leave the house after having a baby, assure you it is for a good reason. To get the best baby photography, we need to do the photography session when the baby is under two weeks old. It is a perfect time to make beautiful portraits of the baby, as they sleep 90% of the time. 

We get all the gorgeous dreamy images of babies posed, sleeping in buckets or curled up in a womb-like pose. It gives us enough space and time to make those adorable sleeping baby portraits wrapped in a cocoon. It's the best time to snap those chubby fingers, stubby toes and squishy nose.

Get your newborn's photo session from the best baby photographers in Hyderabad. A perfect way to capture the delicate features and angelic expressions that fill your heart with joy.

Just born baby sleeping on a blanket spread in love shape, Thought by creative baby photographer of little vows
Top creative newborn baby photographer created a artistic shot by arranging baby in bird nest and spreading eggs around
10 day old baby sleeping in the hands of their parents.
3 months old baby boy sleeping on a miniature sofa, creative thought by little vows
3 months old sleeping baby boy in a red fur blanket in hyderabad
Best baby photography of a sleepiing boy on a white fur blanket with few accessories around
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New Born Pricing & Packages

New Born - Basic

Only Photos
2 Wrap Styling included
30-45 mins Session
Shoot at our Studio
15 HQ Edited Images
Images Shared on Cloud Gallery

Price: ₹ 25,000/- + GST

New Born - Classic

Only Photos
3 - 4 Wrap Styling included
2-3 Hours Session
Shoot at our Studio
25 HQ Edited Images
Images Shared on Cloud Gallery
Can include Parents and Siblings

Price : ₹ 40,000/- + GST

New Born - Signature

5 Wrap Styling included
4 Hours Session
Shoot at our Studio
40 HQ Edited Images
Images Shared on Cloud Gallery & also in Exclusive Mobile app*
Can include Parents and Siblings
Inclusions: Small Coffee Table book with 15 sheets.

Price : ₹70,000/- + GST

Available Add on's

Micro Film - Rs 20,000/-

PhotoBook - Rs 10,000/-

FAQ - New Born Photography

When Should I Schedule My Newborn Photo Session?

You Should Ideally Book Us During The Time Of Pregnancy Itself. Newborn Sessions Are Held Between 5-15 Days After Birth. This Is The Perfect Time As The Babies Are Almost Always Curled Up And Sleepy, Which Helps In Getting Them Into Adorable Poses. While This Is An Ideal Situation And For Some Reason You Could Not Book Us, We Can Plan A Custom Session, But Keep In Mind That We Might Not Be Able To Get The Quintessential Sleeping Baby Pose.

How Long Does A Session Last?

Newborn Sessions Usually Last Anywhere Between 1-4 Hours. As Newborns Require More Attention, We Want To Provide Ample Time In Between Shots For The Mother To Tend To The Baby's Needs. Between Posing/calming/soothing And Nursing The Baby These 40 Minutes Will Fly By Like Anything.

Can Siblings And Parents Be Present For The Newborn Session?

We Understand How Important Your Family Is To You And We Love To Capture The Bond Between The Parents And Their Newborn. Although The Newborn Runs The Show, So We Would Suggest That We Get The Sibling Pictures In The Beginning Of The Session So That We Can Let Them Go And The Parent Images Towards The End Of The Session.

Where Will The Photoshoot Take Place?

Depending On Your Choice, Shooting At A Studio And At Your Home, Both Have Their Own Set Of Pros And Cons. If You Are Confused About It, Shoot Us A Mail, We Can Discuss And Decide On What Works Best For You

Anything That I Do To Prepare For The Session

You Know What The Sleep And Wake Cycle Of Your Baby Are Like, According To That Make Sure You Feed Them In Such A Way That They Go To Sleep Only After We Reach. Which Will Make It Easier To Pose The Baby. Also Do Not Dress Them In Anything That Needs To Be Pulled Over Their Head, That Might Wake Them Up.

Wrapping the baby- Is it Good or bad for baby ?

There Is A Stigma Around Newborn Photography, Especially When You Wrap Them For A Photo.
The Baby While Inside The Womb Is In A Cocooned State And That Is What The Wrap Makes Them Feel, Safe And Secure. I Did Extensive Research On The Topic Before I Took My Sons Photos. As A Father, It Is Safe To Assume That I Wouldn’t Do Anything To Harm My Kid. That Being Said, We Are Always Happy To Clear Any Doubts You Have Regarding The Same, Get In Touch And We Can Discuss More On This. Additionally, We Can Also Share Different Tutorials And Articles On How To Wrap Your Baby Safely For A Photoshoot.

Capture those little soft hands and stubby toes before they become not so little anymore.

Book this session for or gift it to your loved ones


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