Indian Traditional Maternity Shoot in Six yards of Elegance

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Are you also told that many women give up wearing a sari during pregnancy because they’re not quite sure how to drape one? But Remember, 6 to 9 yards of Indian saree or sari is a versatile piece of clothing that can never go out of fashion. Now Imagine an Indian traditional maternity photoshoot in sarees!

Here are the topics we cover in this Blog

  • ● Why is it Important to have saree pregnancy photoshoot if you are from India? 
  • ● Reference images from Little Vows of the maternity saree photoshoot. 
  • ● Quick Tips from Little Vows on How to Wear a Traditional saree for a saree maternity shoot.


First of all, Shout-out to all the glowing mommies out there!

I hope you’re doing great with raging hormones & a beautiful body growing inside of you. 


Suppose it’s about time that you document a memorable and exciting phase of your lives. In that case, we are bringing a fresh idea on how to do it uniquely. How about you donning your wedding saree or lehengas again? And flaunting that “ oh so cute bump “ to recreate & relive your wedding memories?


Pregnancy is the most beautiful, gracious, and feminine period for any woman. There’s no denying & beating that wearing a saree is “Six-yards of sheer elegance” brings out the best in You.

Since those sarees holds a certain level of importance to you already, we tell you a few more reasons: 

“ Why should you consider your Traditional maternity photo shoot in saree? ”

  1. A maternity shoot showcasing the old culture & heritage of India. How cool would it be to re-create your grandmother’s look & going all retro? It’s going to add that aesthetic touch to your memories.
  2. Don’t give up wearing it, citing pregnancy as a reason. If your mother and grandmother could wear a saree in pregnancy, you can too!

Here are some Images of mom-to-be in Indian Ethnic Sarees from 2016-2020:

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Here are the Quick Tips on how to wear an Indian saree/sari in your pregnancy for your Traditional Indian Maternity Photoshoot:

When you wear a sari (saree) during pregnancy, you look Classy & Elegant. Although you will not have an issue with saree draping in the first and second trimester, the last trimester might be a little tricky.

1. Select lightweight Cloths

Lightweight cotton or chiffon, georgette textures are your most logical option. In your third trimester lightest weight saree also feels like loads of additional weight on your body. So choose wisely

 2. Free/flowing textures

The texture must not be hardened and unpleasant in any case, particularly on the off chance that you will wear the saree for the long term

3. Use a belly band 

If you don’t want to show off your bump too much, you can hide it a little with a belly band. Pick a band in a color that matches your saree as closely as possible. 

Bonus Tip: They found that 71 per cent of women report low back pain, and 65 per cent report pelvic girdle pain. Wearing a belly band during pregnancy may help support your lower back and baby bump during activities. 

5. If you want to hide your belly

There are numerous approaches to Drape a saree, particularly during pregnancy, so try and have a great time. The Bengali Drape or a Gujrati drape if you want to hide your belly. .

  6. Show off your belly bump

If you are happy to show off your baby bump, go ahead and tie your saree below your belly. It’s one of the best ways to drape a saree during pregnancy, and you will feel really comfortable and relaxed.

Quick tip for traditional maternity look:

You can go for floral hairdos & up-tied buns with long bindis. There’s just something about old and timeless images that appeals to people - perhaps due to the feelings of nostalgia that they can evoke.

While we understand that the most important thing, of course, is for you to be comfortable in it. We generally like to suggest & help our clients with outfit ideas , comfortable poses, props & suitable locations as per their own convenience & suitability.