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Parents holding their one year old baby boy in hands and to freeze it as a memory by little vows baby photographer

At present, Hyderabad is under Covid 19 phase-1,

So With new information coming out from Indian Govt regularly, we intend to keep this page updated with the latest guidance. Please know that as your Little Vows New born Photographer, my highest priority is the safety of your baby, you, and your family. Hence we follow these precautions for Upcoming photo Sessions

My team & I will follow these precautions while doing Newborn, Maternity, Family or Any Event.

1. Footwear will be left at your front door.

2. Me & my Assistant will wear a clean mask covering our nose and mouth throughout your entire photo session. 

3. Our Hands will be washed for 20+ seconds with soap and warm water, once reaching the shoot location. (Or sanitised with alcohol based Sanitiser, if soap and water is not available) 

4. Touching, swaddling the baby will be avoided at all costs. You will be responsible for handling the baby. 

5. Proper distance will be maintained during handshakes, hugs will be avoided upon arriving and leaving.

6. No two shoots will be scheduled in a single day. There will be a minimum of 24hours gap between them.

Besides, the photographer won't visit your home if the photographer or anyone in their household is showing symptoms (i.e., cough, fever, aches, breathing difficulty, and/or loss of taste). And we would also suggest, only Immediate family members to be present in your home during the session.

We also need the information regarding the travel history of the family members in the last fourteen days. If any family member is showing any symptoms, we can re-schedule our session to another date which both of us are comfortable with. We are doing this to maintain safety for all our clients.

And we would be happy to follow any other suggestion or something you’re already following at your homes to maintain every one’s safety.

We are looking forward to create beautiful photos of your baby with utmost safety & thoughtful ways. 

Keep in touch with us through email, text, or phone with any questions about your newborn photo shoot session. Both before and after your little one arrives.

With lots of love and hand washing.

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