Every family has their own unique story so let's take a day to tell your story, unabridged and unscripted. 

As the name suggests, this is a session wherein I will follow you, your baby and your family for an entire day. It can also be many days if you are up for it and document life as it unfolds. Of course, I can make some posed portraits during the day. But, I would be silent spectators immortalising moments of the day forever for the most part.

This experience is way too different from our regular baby photography. This session yields images guaranteed to bring on happy tears during nostalgic times. I know a day with a photographer sounds like a crazy town, but it will be the best day ever. Promise!

The result will be natural, honest and candid snaps that'll allow you to travel back to that little slice of life.

One of a beautiful poses for twin baby girls shoot, posing with their mom in kitchen holding kitchen utensils
Twin baby girls playing with flour in the kitchen with their mom in hyderabad
Candid shots by luxury kids photographer, of twin baby girls playing with their mom in bathrobe with juice mugs
Artistic shot of a mom getting her one year baby boy bathed in a village shot by creative kids photographer
Couple kissing their one year old boy as a part of family portrait session by little vows
Creative village theme family portrait of a couple with their one month old baby boy captured by top baby photographer
Little vows shooting family portrait session for hetero groups of companies, Vamsi reddy in hyderabad
Hetero groups of companies, Vamshi reddy & Anvidha reddy twin girls posing for luxary photographer siddhusoma
Twin baby girls playing in the backyard while kids photography session by little vows studio
1 year old baby girl getting exicted by holding her just born baby boy while shot by newborn photographer
one of the twin girls kissing her newborn baby brother while the other is staring at him with love
Twin baby girl kissing her twin sister while little vows is doing a kids photography session by little vows photography
Twin baby girl kissing her twin sister while little vows is doing a kids photography session by little vows
Little vows baby photogrpaher captured a beautiful family portrait of father holding his twin baby girls around him
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Want to document your little ones everyday activities, from the time they wake up until they hit snooze button. Could be a lazy day at your home or a day outing, we help you in preserving them the most natural way.

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FAQ - A Day Documentry

When Should We Book 'A Day In Your Life' Session?

It Is Totally Up To You. You Can Figure Out A Day When Everyone You Want To Be Documented Is Free And At Home. Try To Reach Us At Least 2-3 Weeks Before The Day You Have In Mind. To Avoid Rushes Or Session Overlaps.

Is There Anything We Should Prepare For?

Not Really, As This Is Going To Be A Day In Your Life, You Can Just Sit Back, Relax And Be Yourself While We Weave Our Magic Around You. You Can Though, Make Sure That The Kids Are In Good Health And Well Rested.

What About The Costumes For The Session?

It Is Your Choice If You Want To Dress Up For The Session Or Not. If You Have Any Themes Or Ideas That You Want To Execute, Get In Touch And We Can Discuss The Same And Make Necessary Arrangements For A Costume Change During The Session.

Capture a day in your life with your loved ones.

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