How & Why To Book a Newborn Photography Package To Welcome Your Little One?

Welcoming home a brand new teeny-weeny soul could be exciting and scary with all the thoughts and concerns, all the rush of excitement of joy, pain, and discomfort that all your body has gone through lately.

Once your little bub is home, it leaves you with no time to think much about anything, and in a blink, the time passes by. 

Your tiny one is much heavier now that you can barely hold them for a long time, full of funny yet adorable facial expressions and wriggling zigzag non-stop! 

Then it hits you, "We haven't had a chance to do the newborn shoot. we were just so busy and... wish we had done it. Surely for the next one!"

Well, once the moment is gone, it can never be back, but only the timeless images take you down the lane. 

Then you notice how short the newborn window was and how quickly changes are happening and they grow up, it is late, and a new stage has already begun. 

During those first days of being new parents, with all the new duties and lifestyle it brings along, it can be challenging to think about one extra-not necessarily urgent task, called: newborn photoshoot!

When to book your newborn photoshoot package?

You see the most adorable portraits of babies all over your Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest pages, and you realize that you want images like that of your baby. 

Maybe you've even heard that "it's so important" to get newborn photos taken in the first couple of weeks, but how can you possibly schedule a photoshoot with just a due date when your baby could come weeks early or weeks late?

The ideal time to book your newborn photographer is during your 2nd trimester. You've made it over the hump of the 1st trimester with its elevated risks, and it's time to start preparing for this baby's arrival. 

You can absolutely book later, but the risk with waiting until the 3rd trimester or after the baby arrives is that we may be completely booked and unable to accommodate you.

When to schedule your baby's photo session?

Your little baby is growing and stretching every day. In the first two weeks, newborns can put on as much as 250 grams per week!  

One moment, your baby is practically swimming in the tiny outfit you brought them home from the hospital, and the next, they've outgrown it. 

You're back at the shops buying another dozen sleepsuits because, in a couple of short weeks, nothing fits them anymore. 

And just like they outgrow newborn-sized clothing, they're outgrowing all the gorgeous newborn-sized photography props. 

So much creativity and thought go into our selection of newborn props, so it would be difficult on the day your baby doesn't fit into any of the adorable pieces we've collected over the years.

It is all about emotions and freshness that makes this baby photoshoot package worth-it!

Photography is all about capturing emotions, so the most important reason for us is the high dose of emotions and excitement at this time. 

You've just arrived home with your newborn, no clue how to cope with all that will come along with this stage, being overwhelmed, hugely in love, and of course so tired! 

The time will fly by, and you'll soon get used to it. Like every other stage of our life, it becomes a routine to be 3 of you very soon. So it is out-of-bounds timeless to capture those fresh emotions, love to remember the beginning.

Minikin Munchkin:

Your little newborn is adorably tiny, and they grow up faster than you can imagine in less than two weeks. It is so tremendous to be able to remember how small they were, how easily they'd curl and fit in our arms, those tiny toes and fingers, such deliciously cute details, how could we miss them? 

Also, they love to be curled up and be adorably posed while sleeping for photographs. 

Capturing and keeping this tininess wrapped in your hands, resting on your chest, or simply lying down is a beautiful work of art to be upon your home wall and remind them how precious they are in your life.

You will have plenty of things to stress over as you get ready to bring your little miracle into the world, but making sure that you have us prepared to take gorgeous portraits of this fleeting time in your little one's life should not be one of them!

These days are the only times that they fit in your arms and memories forever.